I work using traditional woodcut techniques, using hand tools to carve into the wood. The images are transferred using ink onto high quality papers. Everything is printed with the utmost care, ensuring quality and precision in my work. Each print is crafted with love and care from start to finish. My work is inspired by childhood fantasy as well as the natural world around us. I am heavily influenced by Italian art and printmakers like Baumann, Durer, and others.

My Story

A Paracosm is an imaginary world created in childhood that last for many years. It is a magical place filled with both wonder and trials. When I was young I created a paracosm, and I like to think I never left. I am Allie Morris, a young printmaker working primarily in the woodcut medium, though I also enjoy Linoleum and Lithography. My work focuses around the themes of childhood imagination and fantasy. I am fascinated by fairy tales and much of my work is inspired by Grimm: which are both wonderful and wicked. 

Working in wood feels very natural to me. My family is one of carpenters and working with the carving tools seems to echo the past. When carving and getting messy I feel the same senses of my childhood coming back to me. There is something raw about working with wood that cannot be captured in modern mediums. I believe the wood helps to reflect my desire to preserve both my childhood fantasies as well as this somewhat outdated technique. 

Alexandra Morris graduated from Xavier University in 2016 with a BFA in Printmaking and a minor in Art History. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. Allie loves kayaking, collecting antique postcards, and exploring the woods.